Optical Transmission Measurements for TUFTEX PolyCarb Clear Panels


We frequently get questions about the amount of light that passes through our TUFTEX PolyCarb panels, so we sent samples of our panels to a company in Rochester, New York, to get optical transmission measurements. The company (Avian Rochester) measured the optical transmission of the panels with an X-Rite Color-Eye 7000A reference-grade spectrophotometer. The measurements covered the spectrum from 360 nanometers to 750 nanometers. We posted the results of the [...]

Optical Transmission Measurements for TUFTEX PolyCarb Clear Panels2017-01-17T14:45:26-05:00

TUFTEX and Modern Art


Deek Diedricksen used TUFTEX PolyCarb Clear panels again at one of his Relaxshacks workshops, but this time he and his workshop participants made an indoor cabin for a Fargo art gallery. TUFTEX hits a FARGO ART GALLERY! (with Deek Diedricksen) TUFTEX and modern art—an unlikely combination? Heck no. In fact, through my work, and that of many others, TUFTEX has been used in quite a few art galleries in the [...]

TUFTEX and Modern Art2016-03-16T17:53:46-04:00

Deek Diedricksen: WHY I use TUFTEX?


Derek “Deek” Diedricksen uses our TUFTEX PolyCarb panels for the creative shacks, cabins, treehouses and other shelters that he builds. He has been using the TUFTEX panels for many years, so we asked him to share with us his reasons why he likes the TUFTEX panels. Ok, so here it is.... the reason WHY I use TUFTEX? Honestly, I get asked this so frequently, and have almost predictably become the [...]

Deek Diedricksen: WHY I use TUFTEX?2016-03-16T17:54:11-04:00

TUFTEX Greenhouse in North Carolina


We saw this impressive greenhouse in North Carolina, made with TUFTEX PolyCarb panels, and asked the builder to share his story. A promise kept! My wife Roberta loves to garden, but we never had enough space for it. I made a promise to her: one day we would move to the country, and I would build her a greenhouse big enough to satisfy her green thumb. Long story short, we [...]

TUFTEX Greenhouse in North Carolina2017-03-19T19:23:29-04:00

Personal Greenhouse DIY Video


Great video showing the construction of a greenhouse with TUFTEX Polycarbonate panels. The video starts with the team creating the foundation for the greenhouse, and then building the wood frame. At 3:48 the video shows how the TUFTEX PolyCarb panels are installed. Total video length is 5:43. This is a nice greenhouse, and it is a great example application for TUFTEX PolyCarb panels. At the end of the video, the [...]

Personal Greenhouse DIY Video2015-03-15T23:12:21-04:00

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen and TUFTEX Panels


One of our friends, who uses TUFTEX panels in many of his construction projects, is Derek "Deek" Diedricksen. When we saw how Deek was using our TUFTEX panels for small outdoor cabins, we were immediately impressed with his work. Deek is a big fan of our TUFTEX PolyCarb corrugated panels, and uses them in many of his outdoor structures which he calls “relax shacks.” Take a look at one of [...]

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen and TUFTEX Panels2015-02-20T16:34:39-05:00

Welcome to the TUFTEX Blog


We are searching North America to find interesting, creative, and useful applications of our TUFTEX polycarbonate and vinyl building panels. As we find these examples, and the stories from the people who chose to use our TUFTEX panels, we will feature them here to share with you. If you know of an example that we should see, please send a message to examples@tuftexpanel.com. Onduline North America  

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